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The #1 Reason Why Manifesting Isn’t Working For YOU…

Hi, Mandy Morris here, and I used to struggle when it came to manifesting what I wanted…

It was too slow…

or wasn’t consistent…

Why? Because of “Counter Manifestation”…

It’s the most important manifestation principle that NOBODY ever talks about…

I’d attract what I want only to lose it shortly after… or it would come but with it the things I didn’t want…

For example…

I’d manifest more abundance only for it to come with more bills and new problems…

OR I’d manifest love only for it to be toxic and draining on my spirit.

You get the picture.

It wasn’t fun.

Counter manifesting is like driving with the emergency brakes on, you go nowhere fast.

Then I learned “High Vibrational Manifesting” 

It’s a completely different way of manifesting.
Simpler. Easier. Faster.

This is where you manifest and it happens quickly and Predictably… even if you do it just ONCE… that’s why I call it “Set It and Forget It” Manifesting…

I didn’t need to do affirmations or vision boards every daIt was the exact opposite actually.

I did it ONLY ONCE… and I attracted what I wanted every single time… like clockwork.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do in my upcoming book with Hay House called: “The 8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting”…

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What Others Are Saying About...

Mandy Morris

"Mandy shows that you have the power to change reality on your terms..."

“Mandy’s work is devoted to people and their emotional struggles as they search for purpose and validation in a world where the most enlightened are ignored. This powerful healing work is something that’s missing in the world of mental and physical health today and is a light for others to find themselves and create new references and meaningful experiences that can be channeled to overcome any obstacle and succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Mandy shows that you have the power to change reality on your terms with your own free will.”
+ Anthony William, The Medical Medium, # 1 New York Times best-selling author of the Medical Medium book series, and chronic illness expert

"Mandy’s love, integrity, and authenticity is a breath of fresh air"

“In a world that can sometimes be dark, Mandy’s love, integrity, and authenticity is a breath of fresh air. Manifesting what you want doesn’t have to be slow and painful. It can be fun and easy and Mandy shows you how.”
+ Nina Dobrev, actress, director, producer

"She offers powerful wisdom"

“In this book, Mandy Morris will teach you practical ways to raise your energetic vibration. She offers powerful wisdom to help you attract what you want in your life.”
+ Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

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In This Book, You’ll Learn

How to use the concepts of “intention & time” to multiply the results you create in life.

How to use a technique I call “Perception Shift” to prevent mishaps from happening to you.

The surefire secret to raise your vibration ten fold (hint: huge piece of this is not just about thinking about what you want).

How to avoid the “manifestation contradiction” dilemma a lot of people are suffering from (where you may desire something, but you may also be sending alternate energies out – hindering you from the results you want).

How to find “your winning thought” that serves your authentic self (…and the life that you want).

Discover “the truth about patience and manifestation” and “fear and manifestation” – important topics ‘manifestation gurus’ rarely talk about.

How to reprogram your mind (and re-write new beliefs) that actually makes you stronger and happier

How to tune yourself to the frequency you want (and are) so you can be a vibrational match for all you desire.

How to embrace your ‘authenticity’ – so you become a magnetic beacon that attracts the right kind of people and experiences, all to help you get where you want to be.

How to find existing ‘patterns’ in your life, and determine which ones to keep & let go… so you can create the results you want faster & with less resistance.

Should you run away from something? Or should you run towards it? I will teach you this.

How the truth about your childhood programming, and does it really play a role in your results today?

And much more


Hi I’m Mandy…

I am an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and I’m here to raise humanity to love frequency.

It wasn’t all too long ago though, that I used to work in a junkyard.

My days consisted of waking up at 4am to try to beat the Arizona heat . I’d get to the yard and start moving tires. Sometimes it was hundreds of tires that needed to be racked up to resell.

Fast forward to now.

Someone recently asked me how many hours I work a day.

I thought… well, the same hours… but it feels like 2…

I went from an extremely unfulfilling life to pure epic passion.

From jobs that I wasn’t challenged in, that even wanted to fire me for lack of trying anymore, to a “born to be” entrepreneur with great success quickly.

From afraid of the unknown and paralyzed in scarcity to running wild and living in divine faith.

From unhealthy and empty relationships and friendships to being surrounded by the most rich, loving and supportive people.

You’d look in my eyes and see me somewhere in there, but far away. A silent sadness that said, “I’m afraid I’m not going to make it THERE.”

There being a place of magic, opportunity, life purpose and synchronistic magic.

Now, I practically jump out at you and my skin glows, even after all those days in the sun at the junkyard.

How did I do it?

How did I get my soul to get back to the SURFACE of me and ooze out for others?

It’s because I found how to be AUTHENTIC to my core of myself, and I finally fell back in love with ME.

I re-introduced myself, dug deep and struck gold.

And I literally know, when I’m operating in Authenticity, there’s NOTHING I can’t have, create, or experience.

That’s one of the many secrets to manifesting anything in life.

Literally everything I have desired and wrote down years ago with zero idea how to get there, showed up within months.

Then I set new intentions, and found even faster ways to create them, all without losing myself or jeopardizing my core values.

So, my gift to you is first, this thought.

If you want to bend time on what you want to have or create in this life. Of whom you desire to be for the world, simply, and difficultly, find your authentic self.

The stripped down, following intuition, believing in a mixture of magic and motion to get life back in alignment for you and I swear on my life, this will unlock your wildest dreams.

I’m living proof of it, everyone I have been blessed to touch with this full understanding has done a 180 in all areas they wanted, and I can promise you, in another year, the entire world will know my love. It’s why I’m here on Earth.


All of this.

This me you see before you… is because I chose Authenticity, and I use that word to describe the vehicle I used to grow where I am today, and I’m only at a fraction of what I will continue to grow into and become.

Because when I’m authentic, I vibrate on the exact frequency that the amount of happiness, money, growth, contribution, and love that I desire, knows EXACTLY how to find me.

I’m a straight shot for what I desire because I’m not hiding under false identities and beliefs.

So, in essence, there’s no confusion in the Universe.

I have a deep, genuine and compassionate understanding and care for humans, and my life purpose is to set them free, and raise them up.

But I had to first do that to myself.

With all the world changes you experience daily, weekly, annually, and even in your lifetime, you DESERVE to know and understand the tools to be unshakable, and unbreakable no matter the external situations at hand.

Your truest self, your authentic self, has all the answers you need already… and I can’t wait to help you discover them in my upcoming book: “The 8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting”

It contains all the principles that changed my life.

Now it’s your turn.

And in case no one has told you today,

I Love You

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