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"Rewire Your Energy, Mind, Heart, and Identity And Attract What You Want Most In Life Quickly, Easily, and Predictably in Just 2 Days... All From the Comfort of Your Own Home..."

Join us for this 2-day immersion experience, and go deeper than you’ve ever gone into energy work before. Learn the proven techniques and exercises to create quantum shifts in your life so you can remove blockages, clear stuck energy, protect yourself from negativity, embrace your spiritual gifts, step into your higher purpose, and create a ripple effect of lasting happiness, purpose, bliss, and harmony in your life.

It’s time to step into your higher purpose, reclaim your power, and rewire your mind for unlimited abundance...

What if you could tap into the secrets of energy healing, intuition, spiritual mastery, and manifestation that typically take a lifetime for most people to learn? 
Most people waste years upon years of their life in a low-vibrational frequency. Moving through their days in a constant state of fear, frustration, anxiety, depression, jealousy, and rage. 
Counting down the minutes until the work day is done, and then going home and wasting hours in front of the TV. 
They go to bed every night exhausted, both mentally and physically… dreading the morning when their alarm clock will ring and they have to do it all over again. 
Then one day, they have an epiphany. 
They wake up to the dull and unsatisfying state of their life, and they’re determined to change it. 
They want to feel happier, work less, lose weight, and enjoy life more.
So they read a few articles, watch a couple of documentaries, skim through a handful of books – and then go about trying to change their life through brute force. 
Utilizing the typical self-development practices such as mindset, meditation, and chanting positive mantras in the mirror…
And after a couple of weeks, frustrated with the minuscule results they’ve achieved, they give up. 
They fall back into the low-vibrational state and go on living that way for years, before they decide to “give it another go” and then the cycle repeats itself over and over again…
And at a certain point they start to think, maybe this is all life has to offer… Maybe I’m just not one of “those” spiritual, lucky, or abundant people…

"But the truth is, they’re stuck in this vicious cycle of dissatisfaction and low-vibration because they’re missing a pivotal piece of the puzzle"

Real change takes something different. 

True enlightenment requires you to go deeper. 
A higher level of living can only be accessed in one way…
The secret to unlocking the unlimited potential of what’s possible in your life is shifting the mind, the heart, and the energy all together, at the same time. 
This is what I like to call a Quantum Energy Shift. 
And when you activate it in your life, you’ll see changes rapidly. And when I say rapidly… I mean it.
Imagine if you could snap yourself out of debilitating emotions and anxiety in an instant… 
Imagine if you could avoid “self sabotaging”, manifest the abundance you truly desire, or attract the partner of your dreams in just a matter of days… 
Imagine being so in tune with your intuition and higher-power that miracles show up in your life on a daily basis… 
Imagine learning how to go from frustration, anger, or debilitating emotions… to gratitude, happiness, peace, love, calm, and clarity within minutes…
Imagine vibrating at such a high frequency that you could transform every area of your life, attract unlimited abundance, clear energy blockages, and banish negativity in the blink of an eye.
And what if you could learn how to do all of that, and more, in just 2 days?

Introducing The Quantum Shift Experience...

Rapid Fire Learning For Extraordinary Results.

In this two day, virtual immersion event, I’ll teach you the step-by-step process that I’ve followed for the last 10 years. 
This two day Quantum Shift “bootcamp” has been thoughtfully, carefully, and lovingly designed to provide you with absolutely everything you need to unlock ultimate healing and abundance in your life. 

You’ll learn how to...

Release stuck energy and blockages, so you can live in a constant state of happiness, purpose, bliss, and love.

​Build energetic shields and blocks, so that you never feel the negative effects of other people’s toxic thoughts or low-vibration.

​Unlock your spiritual gifts, so you can tap into your higher-power and awaken the full potential of your human experience.

​Activate and cleanse your chakras and energy centers, so you can lean into a deeper healing and more enlightened state.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Chakras and Auras

​Strengthen your intuition, so you can attract miracles into your daily life and live authentically to your soul’s desire.

​To scan, channel & transmute, so you can tap into Source Energy in 10 seconds or less.

And much more…

Meet The Spiritual Activator

Hi, I’m Kuya Niño (Oliver). But most people just call me The Spiritual Activator. 

And I’ve helped thousands of people – from the CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies, to celebrities and people in the deepest and darkest places of their lives – clear their energetic blocks and access new levels of abundance, happiness, peace, and success.
And after a decade of committing my life to healing others, I finally decided it was time to teach the secrets, ancient wisdom, and limitless potential of energy work to anybody that was ready to receive it.
So that everybody can understand their own unique energetic makeup and awaken their natural healing abilities…
So that, no matter who you are, you can heal yourself, improve your life, access infinite abundance, and even use your gifts to facilitate healing in other people.
Because the truth is, there’s nothing special about me. I’m not “gifted” or “unique” or “blessed” in any ways different than you are. 
I just know, and have mastered, the secrets of The Quantum Shift. 
And now, I want to share this knowledge with more people… hopefully you. 

Stories About the Spiritual Activator

"It's such a beautiful thing to experience" - Demi Moore, Actress


"Thank you Oliver for your compassion and passion for us all..."

From the moment I connected to Oliver I felt his energy, passion, and caring for all of us who have the possibility to be released from traumas and issues we emotionally hold on to.
His wisdom and psychic energy that he teaches and shares is so special thank you  Oliver for your compassion and passion for us all. 

– Donna Karan, Fashion Designer

Take A Closer Look At Your 2-Day Curriculum...

Immerse yourself in two full days of a complete system rewire, as I personally awaken you to the unlimited possibilities of your energy, heart, and mind.
The Quantum Shift Experience is truly unique, because I don’t just teach you how to work with your energy… I teach you how to harness, develop, and master the three pivotal aspects of your being.
Your mind, your heart, and your energy. 
During this immersion you will be guided on how to strengthen your intuition, eliminate energy blocks, connect with your guides, tap into your spiritual gifts, strength and clear your Chakras, and so much more.
By the end of the weekend, you’ll not only have the proven tools, techniques and methods to transform every area of your life… but also the confidence and clarity you need to start shifting your energetics, manifesting your deepest desires, and heal yourself. Here’s what I have in store for you…

Day One: Powerful Quantum Shifting Secrets You Can Instantly Use...

Session #1 - The Principles Of Energy

Learn the fundamentals of energy work that are essential in taking your life to the next level. These principles are the building blocks of everything when it comes to manifestation, energy work, and unconditional love.

Session #2 - How To Protect Your Energy

Learn the specific techniques and practices to put yourself into a higher vibration, so that nothing and no one can phase you. These energetic shields and barriers will allow you to show up in the world as the best version of yourself, without fear or worry of negative energy penetrating your energy field.

Session #3 - How To Clear Negative Energy Blocks

No matter how strong your energy shield is, you’re likely to encounter negative energy in your life. Whether it’s generational blocks, deep cellular level blockages, childhood trauma, or just the everyday toxins and energies that are absorbed on a daily basis. Learn how to identify and clear these blockages before they have time to negatively impact your heart, your mind, your energy,

Day Two: Spiritual Gifts, Intuition, Clearing Yourself, and Accelerating Healing...

Session #1 - Identify And Unlock Your Spiritual Gifts & Chakras

The moment you fully step into, and embrace, your gifts… everything changes. Learn about the spiritual gifts you may have, how they work, and how to unlock them and harness them in your daily life. Learn about the Chakras and energy centers of the body, and how to activate them for divine light, love, and healing.

Session #2 - Magnify Your Intuition & Tap Into Source Energy

With a special guest teacher, Mandy Morris: author, manifestation master, and psychosomatic researcher. Learn the 3 ways that intuition can come through for you, how to sharpen it, how to tap into source energy, and how to receive signs & messages from the Universe.

Session #3 - How To Clear Your Chakras & Heal Yourself

Learning these techniques are the key to putting everything together, and living on a truly higher level and enlightened vibration. Learn the #1 technique that will create a ripple effect of positivity & manifestation in your life, to deliver you everything you desire in an instant. And the very important step that must take place for Chakra clearing to be effective.

What Past Attendees Are Saying...

"Today, 3 months later I wake up being a totally different person..."

Today, 3 months later I wake up being a totally different person. Yes I still have my lows but now I recognize the voice as not my own authentic self. I am beginning to trust my intuition more. I am getting stronger daily. When I go low – I take time out to ground myself, sit down and journal or do something that quickly lifts me out of funky energy into lighter and more brighter energy.
The other day I even forgave all those I thought had hurt me – I also thanked them and gave them love and gratitude for the lessons I have learnt and in fact without them I would not even be here. 
I have made amazing new friends who live in different continents and cities. Supportive to me and my growth.
Having gone through this – I am so glad I did not give up on myself – and sometimes it was tempting but now I look back and see how much growth I have gone through. I can’t wait to see this much more authentic, powerful and intuitive person I am becoming. Learning to love myself daily and making me the most important person in my life.
Mosidi S.

"Everything felt effortless. ..."

I’ve been meaning to write since the Immersion event but I just wanted to give the feedback that this was such an amazing event. On both days I felt so light and airy and like I was floating or walking in the sunshine and clouds. Everything felt effortless. Since then I have been doing a lot of work on pattern interrupts, raising my frequency more intentionally and identifying when my personas show up. I’m going to be going back and re-listening to the sessions soon and digging even deeper into the practices. But I wanted to say thank you to Mandy and Oliver for a wonderful weekend! <3
Namrita S.

"My dominant frequency these days are joy, gratitude and astonishment..."

What’s noticeable is my resilience to going back to centeredness. My dominant frequency these days are joy, gratitude and astonishment. Familial Issues and colleagues’ energy and opinion that used to bother me, now I brush them off and I regard them as feedbacks, projections or opinions, they don’t define me. No more popping pills to deal with allergies, asthma or insomnia. Oh and grad school? Magic! When I started the semester for some reason I always felt exasperated, then later on I realized, they’re not even mine! They’re my classmates! And now that I know what’s my authentic energy, I clear and go back to centeredness. Imagine to live with that energy that’s not even mine, feel the emotions and send it to the universe and back to me, and that’s because I was blindfolded! 
I’m embracing my new life and excited for all the splendid things that are about to unfold💗
Enjoy your weekend lovies and please share your breakthroughs! The universe gives us back what we send to it, be mindful, (injects Mandy’s modules right there )💕
Rizel A

What You Get With The Quantum Shift Experience...

2 Days Of Pre-Recorded Immersion Experience With Oliver & Mandy ($3,000 value)

Our LIVE weekend immersion events (where we teach these same exact principles) draw in people from all over the world - from Egypt to Europe, Hawaii, and South America - and we charge upwards of $3,000 for these weekend events.

9 Hours Lessons From Oliver & Mandy ($15,000 value)

When we used to do private 1-on-1 coaching, people used to fly from all over the world and pay $15,000 per day for me and Mandy's time and expertise. We decided to walk away from that model because we wanted to help MORE people... and we couldn't focus on that if all I did was 1-on-1 work.

Instant Access To A Private Facebook Community Of Like Minded Truth Seekers (Priceless)

When you’re on a spiritual, energetic, and life changing transformation one of the most important factors in your success is the people and community you surround yourself with. Being a part of an active and thriving community of like minded peers is an advantage that will keep your motivated, inspired, and accountable.

​Lifetime Access To All Recordings And Materials (Priceless)

We don’t just want to teach you the tools and techniques, and send you on your marry way… We want to equip you with timeless knowledge & teachings that you'll have for life. So that you can always come back to revisit, refresh, and rewire your heart, mind, & energy when you need it most.

The Quantum Shift Experience 2 Day
Immersion Event ($3,000 value)

If we’re honestly quantifying and valuing the price of this immersion event, taking into consideration the decade of knowledge, secrets, techniques, and lessons that we’re teaching you – combined with what we charge our private clients or what you’d pay for the LIVE experience… the value would be upwards of $3,000 (what our past attendees have paid for our 2 day events in the past)…  
But here’s the thing, we want to help as many people as humanly possible. We believe that happiness, wealth, healing, and vitality should be accessible to everyone in the world – no matter what your income status is. 
My wife and I discussed this a lot, trying to settle on a price that would be fair to humanity and us.  So we initally launched this program last year for $399…
And people from all over the world gladly paid, and their lives were changed from it!
But when COVID-19 happened and people started losing their jobs, their loved ones, and their hope – we knew we had to do something drastic to contribute to healing the world…
So this is the commitment we’re making to you. 
When you sign up today, you’ll get full access to the 2-day immersion event (the same one people paid $399 to attend)… 

Join The 2-Day Quantum Shift Immersion Experience For Only $99

All From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

You're Protected With Our Peace-Of-Mind Guarantee

Look this a powerful life-changing program…

So I only want people in there who will go “ALL IN” and really take this as serious as I am…

My goal is RESULTS for you, period.

So if you change your mind anytime during the first day of the program, let us know and we will simply issue you a refund.
email us here to start a conversation with us to get a refund.
I only want happy and satisfied as part of the soul family… and the energy of the group to be at a all-time high during the new year …
Rest assured, I’ve got your back… If it’s not a fit after you go through day 1 let us know before anytime during the first day… I understand and we’ll part as friends 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I sign up?

As soon as you complete registration, you’ll get instant access to our private Facebook community, where we encourage you to start connecting with your peers. When the program starts, on Saturday you’ll receive an email that will unlock your full access to the complete 2-day immersion event.

How much time will it take?

You must order The 8 Secrets before March 26, 2022 to be eligible for the event ticket and bonuses. We will email your VIP access details prior to the live event on April 9, 2022.

Will this change my life?

YES. The results we’ve seen with this program are truly inspiring and mind blowing. Students have seen dramatic and instantaneous shifts in their lives after applying these lessons. But keep in mind that results cannot be guaranteed. The results you receive will be directly correlated to the effort and energy that YOU put in. If you come ready to do the work, you will see dramatic shifts in your life - no question about it.

What happens if I’m not satisfied?

My goal is RESULTS for you, period. So if you change your mind anytime during the first day of the program, email us here and we will simply issue you a refund.

Join The 2-Day Quantum Shift Immersion Experience For Only $99

All From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Looking forward to serving you at the deepest and highest levels!

Kuya Niño (Oliver)
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